How To Beach Proof Your Car – And Avoid Costly Damage

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May 1, 2022

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As the summer season begins, Americans everywhere are taking to the road and heading to the beach. While you’re likely creating a playlist for your drive and shopping for new swimwear, prioritizing the protection of your car against the elements can save you in the long run. Here are a few tips, from the insurance experts at car insurance savings app Jerry, to help prep for fun at the beach that won’t damage your car. 

  • Protect your car from the elements. There will be sand at the beach, and lots of it. Adding all-weather floor mats will protect your vehicle from sand and salt. These can be easily removed and shaken off to remove debris. Take sheets to protect the car upholstery from direct sunlight. Place sun shields on the windows to reflect as much heat as possible. You should also consider washing your car’s exterior after you leave the beach, as sand can scratch the paint pretty quickly. These simple precautions at the beach can save you time and money from minor interior and exterior vehicle claims.  
  • Check the weather before you go: Pop-up showers and storms with damaging winds that can drive up insurance premiums. Depending on your auto insurance, you can open a comprehensive claim for storm damages and other emergencies, costing you time and money. 
  • Check your tires. When properly inflated, your tires will provide better fuel efficiency, quicker steering response and a smoother ride – especially important when driving on the beach. And if you wind up with tire damage from buried debri, your insurance carrier may be able to help. Check to see if your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage and you may be able to file a claim.
  • Before you hit the road, consider a quick maintenance check. Don’t let poor car maintenance ruin your beach day. Before you hit the road for the beach, there are a few things you’ll want to check on your car. Summertime means hotter temperatures, so you’ll likely use your car’s A/C more. Check that it is working correctly and at full speed. Check the level of the following essential fluids: brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid to ensure optimal road functionality. Checking your on basic maintenance periodically could save you the time, energy, and money by avoiding a sticky situation on the road. 

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