Car Ownership Super App Grows to Offer Home and Renters Insurance 

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April 1, 2022

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Car Ownership Super App Grows to Offer Home and Renters Insurance 

PALO ALTO, Calif. — April 7, 2022 — Driven to find more ways to save American drivers money, car ownership super app Jerry Services Inc. (Jerry) expanded its benefits to offer home & renters insurance. Jerry is a mobile-first car ownership app launched in 2019 with an AI- and machine-learning-based car insurance comparison service across the United States. 

Among U.S. drivers, more than 70% renew their auto insurance without comparing prices, missing out on money-saving opportunities. By enabling effortless insurance shopping, Jerry removes existing barriers of time and money. With Jerry’s reimagining, stacks of paperwork and hours of phone calls now become an automated process. Customers receive insurance quotes in 45 seconds with no telephone calls necessary. Jerry now offers home & renters insurance with the same automation, swiftness, and simplicity. 

Jerry customers find competitive rates with the same or better coverage, averaging $800 annual savings on their car insurance premiums. Insurance can be a significant expense for customers, especially when they need multiple policies for different products. Bundling auto with home and renter insurance through the same company can save shoppers time and money. Many insurance companies offer bundled discounts, and Jerry allows consumers to compare these quotes from different providers.

“We are excited to be expanding our value proposition to clients by offering home and renters insurance offerings through Jerry,” said Art Agrawal, Jerry co-founder and CEO. “This is a fantastic way to continue providing opportunities for customers to save time and money searching for financial savings.”

Jerry does not sell customer data, doesn’t call customers (unless requested), and doesn’t send out marketing emails. With the Jerry app, drivers can utilize refinancing services even if they do not have auto insurance with Jerry. Many users take advantage of Jerry’s other services to maximize their savings. 

Visit to learn more about refinancing auto loans with Jerry and understand how much you could save. 


About Jerry

Jerry helps you save money and time on your car expenses. Jerry now serves more than 2 million customers as an insurance broker and an authorized refinancer with its AI- and machine-learning-based car insurance comparison service. For more information, to save money on insurance or refinance auto loans, visit or download the Jerry app in the App Store or Google Play

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