The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Interview

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March 1, 2022

2:52 am


The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas is a coalition working throughout the state to increase access to coverage and care. The organization’s primary focus is to expand KanCare (Medicaid) to cover up to 170,000 Kansans, support hospitals and health systems, create jobs and stimulate the state’s economy. The Alliance uses an integrated approach of community engagement, communications and advocacy strategies to advance this policy goal. Their team of four has connected with thousands of Kansans to educate them on this common sense policy.

One of those team members is Lacey Kennett, Director of Communications, who leads the digital marketing campaigns for expanding KanCare. Kennett joined the Alliance in 2021 and immediately started employing new communications techniques to reach more people. She currently manages their “8 in 10” social media campaign featuring results from a new voter poll that found strong support for expanding KanCare.

This campaign offers graphics and talking points for individuals and organizations to share on social media. These resources provide an easy way for Kansans to share the message of KanCare expansion at the tap of a finger. Kennett’s current focus is encouraging voters to participate in the “8 in 10” campaign on their social media platforms. However, this is not how their goal of advocating for KanCare expansion began.

The Alliance tapped a team of experts in communications and public opinion research to conduct focus groups to determine how Kansans feel about KanCare. Along with focus groups, the Alliance commissioned a statewide poll asking Kansans about their views on health coverage availability and affordability. Kennett said they “received overwhelmingly positive feedback” across geographic areas and the political spectrum. After learning basic information about KanCare expansion, respondents affirmed that Kansans are ready to move forward.

“Many people can be in the coverage gap without even realizing it, including the younger generation,” said Kennett. The Alliance noticed a lack of outreach to those in the 18-24 age group, which Kennett is working to combat. To reach as broad an audience as possible, the Alliance created a TikTok account to connect with younger generations. Staff are also reaching out to grassroots organizations that have connections to younger activists and individuals.

The Alliance continues to look for ways to get more Kansans involved in this issue. They produce resources such as fact sheets, policy briefs and studies to provide credible information about KanCare. The Alliance also maintains an online platform for people to share their personal health care stories. Ultimately, the Alliance wants advocates to know there are multiple ways to get involved in the KanCare expansion cause. A voice can make a difference, so connect with the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas today to find a place in an important policy.

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